Windows Server 2008, Vista SMB2 Vulnerability Checks on DVM

Windows Server 2008, Vista SMB2 Vulnerability Checks on DVM

A possible vulnerability is found in Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Vista Server Message Block (SMB) V2 which exists an index array error. Microsoft released Microsoft Security Advisory (975497) to disable SMB v2 function, or use firewalls to temporarily block TCP ports 139 & 445 to avoid further attacks.

DVM (DragonSoft Vulnerability Management) is able to remotely test CVE-2009-3103 vulnerability with a built-in Denial of Service feature:


1. Under [Policies] -> [Edit] -> [Audit] -> Policy Name : [DoS]
2. Search [CVE-2009-3103] option
3. Tick [Windows SMB2 Remote Denial of Service]

NOTE: The Remote Denial of Service test could cause Server 2008, Vista to crash and restart, resulting in data loss.

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