DVM Network Segment Audit under Command Prompt

DVM (DragonSoft Vulnerability Management) is able to perform network segment audit, save scan result directly under command prompt:

  1. Execute vulnerability assessment via remote host.
  2. Execute vulnerability assessment via internet sites.
  3. Execute vulnerability assessment via customized scheduling in Windows.
Illustrate 1: (Audit entire network segment Class C of 192.168.0)

Example: dvm_winnt /s

Illustrate 2:

Save File:(date_time.dss) Auditors could import dss files to generate reports, or save to ODBC database server for enquiry purpose.

Scan and save file, and save to ODBC database server
Example: dvm_winnt /odbc

DVM (DragonSoft Vulnerability Management) includes
1. Comparison report from previous and current vulnerability audit reports. (including managed and improved vulnerability / newly found vulnerability statistics and descriptions.)
2. Trend analysis - in compliance with ISO-27001 regulation and follow up the rules.

About DragonSoft Security Associates, Inc.
DragonSoft Security Associates is a leading developer in Taiwan for network security software and an active contributor to network security education. Founded in 2002, DragonSoft offers vulnerability management olutions, including vulnerability assessment, System Security Management and intrusion prevention.