Basic Security : Workstation Management Policy

Most of the computers in a typical organization are workstations and/or notebooks for end users. A professional system administrator could consider establishing a set of security policy to protect their workstations. For this reason, we could offer some suggestions for you by our past experiences.

First, Physical Security
  • Setting Up the User Authentication Policy:Only the authorized users could access the workstations in a company. Besides, we remind the users could use screensaver program and lock the computer while the users leave presently.
  • Creating Appropriate Permission Control: You could use permission control to protect the confidential data; even, you also could use password to prevent unauthorized users to read your private data.
  • Formulating Mobile Storage Devices: We suggest you should set up a policy to manage the usage of the mobile storage devices because these equipments could cause risks.

Second, System Security
  • Emphasis On Software Patch: Pay attention to security patches from software vendors. If there is any security patch available, apply it before it's too late.
  • Anti-virus Software and Update the Virus Pattern: Almost modern Anti-Virus software provides online update mechanism for up to date virus pattern and program modules. Use it appropriately.
  • Remote Management Program: When you are not in your office, you could use remote management program to control your computer, but it could be the backdoor and exploited by the hackers.
  • Remove Unnecessary Programs: You could remove unnecessary programs in your workstation.

Third, Knowledge Transmission
  • User Cognition about Security: You must teach your employees because not everyone has professional security concepts. It provides efficiency security information.
  • Management Industrial Software and Hardware by Workstation: You could manage your company's hardware and software by management programs and you also could find out the authorized software in workstation.
  • Never Download and Install Program with unclearly originate: We remind you don't download origin unclearly program and you could reduce information risk.
You could use DragonSoft Secure Scanner (DSS) to check if any dangerous software is installed in your workstation. We would provide five steps to examine your computer.
  1. Create a new scan session with "Normal" scan policy to check the target machines. You can scan each department separately to ease the report distribution.
  2. You could press start button on tool bar to begin checking.
  3. After checking, you could press report button on tool bar and then you could get a report.
  4. After getting a report, you could remind employee how to revise your security policy.
  5. Following illustrators would show you the information about our services.
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