Block Trojan Backdoor Exist in Your Computer

Trojan backdoor is a remote managerial program that means the hacker inject Trojan in your computer but you don't know. There are two common ways of the spread of Trojan on network, the first way is using e-mail and the second way is using a web with Trojan. The hacker would send the e-mail with attracted topic and additional file such as .EXE .PIF, if the user executes these additional files, the user's computer would be injected Trojan. At present, when we receive our e-mails and Trojan would be injected in the other window which be opened. On the other situation, the hacker would set up a web behind hiding Trojan, when the user enter this web, the user's computer would be injected Trojan.

The real meaning of remote managerial program is to help the user to deal with his/her emergency tasks, when he/she is not in his/her office; this program could reduce his/her time that is to finish his/her tasks. Due to the convince network, some hackers would use it to attack the users' computer. Hence, the users need to understand more security information to protect them.

Three Policies which how to use network
  1. Don't open the unknown e-mail.
  2. Don't use preview window, when you receive e-mail
  3. Don't execute unknown program, when you enter a new web
Provide network security management to MIS or IT managers
  1. Examine the used ports and close unnecessary ports
  2. Examine unnecessary e-mails
  3. Suggest the users not to use preview window
How to use DragonSoft Security Scanner (DSS) to examine backdoors in the computer in your company?
DSS could examine which remote managerial ports are opened and which vulnerability in your remote managerial programs at the same time. Following these steps to examine:
  1. Open "Security Policy".
  2. Select " Backdoor" in "Security Audit Policy"
  3. Input IP or host in "Examine Host"
  4. Press "start" button on "tool" bar
  5. After examining, use "Examine Window" to understand which ports are
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